Torquay VIC

Term 1 2018 Nightly Coaching in Torquay

Mon 5th February 2018 – Fri 16th March 2018
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Mon 5th February 2018 9:00AM
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Term 1 Nightly Training in Torquay. 

- 5 week Term.
Week 1 - Feb 5 to 9. 
Week 2 - Feb 12 to 16.
Week 3 - Feb 19 to 23. 
Week 4 - Feb 26 to March 2
Week 5 - March 5 to 9. 

- If a session is postponed for bad weather or safety, make up sessions will be done March 12-16.

- Sessions will run 4.30pm to 6 each day. 

- Only pre advised events like school, sport commitments or major injury may see a 'make up' session if possible and approved by Cahill or Jordie, illness will not see a ‘make up’ session on another night of the week. 

Program cost - $150 per participant. 
Second and third children in a family - $130 per participant. 

As per previous years, the footage from each session will also be reviewed by a member of the SV HP Coaching team, sorted and uploaded the the SV Youtube channel.

All participants must be current Surfing Victoria members. 

If you have any questions about payment or would like to make alternative payment arrangements just let me know at

Division Price
SVPD Coaching - First Child Shortboard $150.00
SVPD Coaching - Additional child Shortboard $130.00
SVPD Coaching - First child approved absence Shortboard $120.00
SVPD Coaching - Additional child approved absence Shortboard $110.00
SVPD Coaching - 2 Approved Absences Shortboard $90.00
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