Scamander TAS


Sat 13th January 2018 – Sun 14th January 2018
Registration Open
Fri 22nd December 2017 9:00AM
entries close 10 Jan 2018

SURF SUN SUMMER SCAMANDER !!. Get your entry in for the 2018 HIF East Coast Summer Open. Dont miss this one. Entries close midnight January 10th. NO LATE ENTRIES.

Thanks to North East Boardriders and great sponsors HIF, and  supporting local sponsors TBA. 

Divisions include U/21 M/F, Opens M/F, O/30,40,50,60.

Competitors can enter a max. of 2 divisions.$55 first choice and $15 second choice.You MUST enter a FIRST CHOICE Division before entering a SECOND CHOICE.

The competitors briefing will be held at the Scamander River carpark at 7.00am on Saturday January 13th.

Heat Draws, event location and weather/surf  updates will be posted on Surfing Tasmania's facebook on Thursday Jan.11th.


All competitors must be current financial members of Surfing Tasmania and have paid the required event entry fees. Membership applications, event entry and payments can all be made online at Surfing Tasmania's website:

Just go to the EVENTS and MEMBERSHIP links on the homepage. Competitors can only enter a maximum 2 divisions. Competitors must be under the specified age as at Dec 31, 2018.

This is Round 1 of the 2018 State Championships and competitors will be competing for ratings points for state team selections and championship honours. All competitors, members, officials etc are subject to Surfing Australia's Code of Conduct as per the Surfing Australia Rule Book and Surfing Tasmania policies. Check Surfing Tasmania's website for details.

Division Price
Over 50 Mens Second Choice Shortboard $15.00
Over 40 Mens Second Choice Shortboard $15.00
Over 60 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 50 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 40 Men Shortboard $55.00
Over 30 Shortboard $55.00
OPEN MENS - SECOND CHOICE Shortboard $15.00
U/21 GIRLS Shortboard $55.00
U/21 BOYS Shortboard $55.00
Open Women Shortboard $55.00
Open Men Shortboard $55.00
Entries Closed