Middleton Point SA

Bombora Medewi Lodge Masters Shortboard State Titles (Southern Surf Festival 2019)

Sat 27th April 2019 – Sun 28th April 2019
Registration Open
Sun 3rd March 2019 9:00AM
entries close 10 Apr 2019

The 2019 Bombora Medewi Lodge Shortboard Masters State Titles will form part of the Southern Surf Festival and will be held at Middleton on either the Saturday or Sunday, competitors will be advised so please keep bothh days open 


The inaugural Southern Surf Festival was held  in  April 2018 and was a great success. It is a partnership with the SA surf community, Alexandria Council and Surfing SA. It includes SA state titles in short board, kneeboard, longboard, a film night, a board display and a SA inter club competition for all board types. There will be a couple of great evening events too. For more information please go to www.southernsurffestival.com.au


Note: Divisions are  Over 40 Men and Women, Over 50 Men and Women, Over 60 Men and Women, Over 70 Men and Women and a Kneeboard division. Where national divisions work in 5 year increments the team will be chosen based on results as follows: If for eg: you compete in the Over 45’s at nationals your seeding will be worked out from your placing in the Over 40’s division against others eligible for the Over 45 division that competed in the same division.


Open Shortboard  Divisions will be held at this Years Yorkes Classic

Division Price
Over 40 Men Shortboard $65.50
Over 40 Women Shortboard $65.50
Over 50 Men Shortboard $65.50
Over 50 Women Shortboard $65.50
Over 60 Men Shortboard $65.50
Over 60 Women Shortboard $65.50
Open Kneeboard $65.50
Entries Closed